PongCyl3D: A 3D Pong game in a cylinder from mistercrunch on Vimeo.

I programmed this 3D version of the classic Pong game that plays in a cylinder and wanted to open the source code for it under the GPL license. It is written in Java using the Processing.org framework/IDE.

Note that:
* it is possible to put effect on the ball based on the movement of the paddle while hitting the ball
* a circle moves along the Z axis to help with depth perception
* a menu is accessible to tune some parameters

    It was made as an experiment, and purely for fun. The gameplay is currently limited since your NPC opponent will never miss the ball (his paddle XY coordinates are tied to the ball's). I shelved the project, but wanted to have the paddle controlled using hand gestures while using simple computer vision.

    I was envisioning a projection screen in the middle of a room with a player on either side. Each side has a projector, a webcam that reads player motion and, you guessed it: a player. The ball accelerates and the amount of effect on it increases as the exchange lasts, until someone misses. First to get 11 points win.

    This was meant to be a prototype so the code might not be perfect and commented.

    Code on github:


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