Thanks to Reid Spice, the second edition of the BaconWood Festival is coming soon, and I started wondering about what I'm going to showcase this year.

Thinking of that reminded me of what I did last year. I set up this video installation I now refer to as "the psychedelic mirror" which was basically a camera / projector setup while Processing the image in real time through trippy algorythmetic filters I wrote. I set it up on the dance floor and people were basically dancing with an ever changing psychedlic image of themselves.

Luckily, my friend Jim Wiggins had taken a couple of short videos that I dug up and put together recently. See what it looked like here:

Psychedelic Mirror - Real time video from mistercrunch on Vimeo.

The webcam was slightly modified to work on the close to infra-red spectrum and I had a infra-red spotlight. A sheet was used in front of a window as a projector screen. I had nothing to hold the projector in a safe place so I had to strap it on garbage can sitting on top of a table on top of two other tables (so it would clear the heads of the dancers). Kinda ghetto, but it turned out pretty good!

The software was designed to have two modes, one that would cycle automatically through the different patterns and another where the events and patterns were triggered by a wireless keyboard.

I'm thinking about using this idea as a prototype to something much better. Stay put!