If someone was to tell me "I know what you did last summer", that would mean that they know about my involvement in project Pixmob, a crowd display technology developed by Eski and used by the Cirque du Soleil in a show they put together for Microsoft Kinect's launch.

I played an important creative and executive role on the project: from prototyping, to design, to soldering, to hiring and managing troops. Basically just doing whatever it took to making it happen.

From Eski's site:

In Los Angeles, on June 13 2010, with a mise-en-scène by Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft launched Kinect, a revolutionary system for the Xbox 360 console where the human body is the controller. In order to find new ways to make the crowd participate in the event, Cirque du Soleil called upon ESKI’s PixMob technology.
With barely three month ahead of them, ESKI’s designers and engineers produced several thousands of PixMob LED pixels as well as the infrared spotlights to communicate with them. They also designed the visual effects, created the ‘ponchos’ that the Cirque du Soleil had imagined and embedded the pixels in more than 3000 ponchos.
PixMob’s technology stunned the members of the crowd as they each turned into a pixel of a giant screen glowing in a myriad of colors. Along with Cirque du Soleil’s dazzling performances, lots of ink has been spilled over the ‘magic ponchos’ born and raised in our studios!


I can't wait to see more of those Pixmobs!


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