3D Vertices fed from webcam from mistercrunch on Vimeo.

So here's my latest little hack: I'm basically using the webcam feed in real time to draw 3d lines that create a grid of *vertices*. I'm using processing.org (java) and OpenGL. The Z axis is based on brightness. Then there's a simple color mapping that adds an interesting effect.

Moving the mouse cursor will rotate the grid, and buttons allows to change the resolution (size of the squares). Another button will engage into a steady rotation along the Y axis.


  1. That is SO burly, Max! Wow. Bravo. Encore!



  2. Tabarslasche c'est hot!

    Matthieu Godbout

  3. Any chance of seeing some of your source code? Super interesting stuff you're working on!

    (Owen sent me your way)

    DJ Yuletide

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