Hey ho ho.

I just made a website for the helmet! I decided to go with www.ledhelmet.com. The proto is almost 100% done now. I added a way to save patterns, and two autopilot modes. The first one cycles through saved patterns. The second generates random patterns. The speed knob controls how fast it cycles through patterns.

I submitted the link to Make Magazine. I should get a post on their blogs in the next few weeks. Hopefully. I'm hoping to get enough interest to stimulate me to make a small batch (50 - 100). I'd make a little manufacturing plant the RV I just bought and go live like gypsies with Shannon. From then on, the thing might get in range of sight of the few people who might want to buy one.

I'm also thinking that I'll have a fair amount of people asking about it at Burning Man, to whom I'll reply "www.ledhelmet.com". It should be easy enough for people to remember. Even though altered consciousness and a general sense overload might bury this memory. Handing out cards is a bit too businessy for BM... Maybe I'll carry pen and paper and write the name down to people that show enough interest.

Well well. That's it. Get one while they're hot.